The MOTOROKR E6 is the ideal mobile device for classy professionals who wish to balance business efficiency with portable entertainment. The quintessential blend of form and function, the MOTOROKR E6 is compact in size and jam-packed with features. Dedicated music keys, expandable memory, movie watching¹ and making capabilities, arm users with an arsenal of entertainment options. The sleek device doesn’t stop there — combined with the business tools necessary in rapidly growing markets is just the beginning. Engineered with over-achieving prosumers in mind, the MOTOROKR E6 is the perfect complement to fast-living individuals.
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Summary of key features:
• Premium entertainment PDA at only 14.5 millimeters thick
• 2-megapixel CMOS camera with 8x digital zoom to capture the moment
• CIF and QVGA video capture for up to five hours
• Full screen video playback
• Integrated MP3 player with dedicated music keys and built-in FM radio
• PDA featuring Business Card Reader, POP3 e-mail¹, document viewer to view Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., PIM
• Connectivity includes integrated stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology³, HTML browser, hi-speed USB 2.0 EMU, 3.5 millimeter stereo jack
• Removable memory card slot, up to 2GB full SD card support; 8MB dynamic user memory4
• Extended 1000mAh battery life for long usability
• Brilliant 2.4-inch 240 x 320, 262K colors TFT external display with the latest touch screen technology

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Quicklist of must-have Applications for E6

HOW TO INSTALL: Before installing any of these apps, download MPKG INSTALLER and follow its instructions to install it. Then hold the stylus on the downloaded apps until a menu pops up, select 'open with' in the menu, and select 'mpkg' from the list. MPKG SHOULD BE USED TO INSTALL APPS WITH .pkg EXTENSION.


Money Manager 2 (92k) - Manage your money
English Dictionary (12mb) - An English to English dictionary
QuickNotes 1.3 (114kb) - A quick notepad
SmartAssistant 2.3 (267kb) - A wonderful application to manage lot of things
MCleaner (72kb) - A blacklist manager to block unwanted calls
eKonsole (150kb) - Linux based Konsole to run commands.
DosBox (415kb) - DOS on your phone

ZMPlayer (3mb) - A media player based on Mplayer which can play many types of video
eXmms (2mb) - A winamp styled touchscreen player
Skin Installer (12kb) - A very easy app to change the skin by Eakrin
Splash Installer (12kb)- A very easy app to change splash screen by Eakrin

USBNet (359kb) - Used to telnet the phone
SysInfo (18kb) - A system information app
Reboot (3kb) - Reboot the phone (much faster than manual off/on)
MTF (6kb) - Install .mtf skins
EZXPopup (12kb) - Required by phone for certain things
BusyBox (380kb) - Required by phone for certain things
ApplyFont (20kb) - Change the phone font
QeiLock (157kb) - Apple iPhone styled phone lock.

Megapack Touchscreen games.

Update[Oct 14] : 10 more useful apps, 300 Wallpapers

Update[Oct 29] : 750 Wallpapers (contributed by ocelot67)

Apart from these, for a comprehensive list of many more including games, emulators etc , please visit

QuickTIP: To install skins, copy them to the memory card, go to its individual folder, hold stylus on xxxxx.pskn file until a menu pops up, select 'open with' and click on 'Skins'. Wait for a message and restart phone.

Software for the PC

Video Editing/Converter : WinaVi , Total Converter , flv2video Converter

Skin Editing : Eakrin's Pack AND 50+ skins (43mb) [to preview them, visit]

Seem Editing : P2KCommander 4 , xvi32HEXED

Flashing : RSDLite 4.1


The content of the site, contributors, supporters, linked items and myself cannot be held responsible in the event of any damage that may(may-not) incur to your phone during the modding process. Also, note that things like Flashing may void the warranty of your phone. Do at your OWN RISK.

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